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Action & Events

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Getting "inspired"

Inspiration is what pushes my photography to the next level, and it strikes surprisingly often.

The defining moments came when I got my first magazine front-cover, or the day I used my press pass at Amsterdam Fashion Week. But most of all I love it when things turn out better than planned and whenever I try out new shooting styles, it often leads to a shot that just blows me away. It's a fantastic feeling and it inspires me to keep pushing boundaries!


Who is Will Smith?

It's been said many times: "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again" and it's true. This is why I'm a photographer. I'm intrigued by people and their stories, I enjoy capturing important moments forever, and I love the look on people's faces when they see the images I've produced.
I was 11 years old when I got my first camera. I took it everywhere with me and photographed everything - it really annoyed my family & friends.

Ever since then the camera has been my obsession and I've spent a lot of years building my skills and making the world a more beautiful place, one photo at a time.

These days I'm a photographer and film-maker based in Worcestershire and I've been very lucky so far. I've produced films that have shown around the world, photographed the rich and famous, I've been published in magazines and newspapers, and for years I've enjoyed a very priviledged position working on the ground with the British Army!

I love my job. It's awesome.

moments "matter"

important ones are often overlooked,
and never repeated

Customer feedback...

  • "...the photos are brilliant! Everyone here loves them and I can't wait until the photoshoot in Paris next month. You gave us more than we ever expected."

    Jess Thornton

  • "My new headshots are amazing!!! Other photographers promise a lot and deliver very little but you did the impossible and caught the best of me with every shot. My new portfolio is looking awesome now."

    Michael Santos

  • "Thank you for the wedding photos, we are so pleased with the results. Your calm patience on the day really helped our nerves when it mattered most!"

    Bernie and David

  • "Thank you so much for doing an amazing job. We were blown away when you came around to show us the photos, they are amazing..."

    Jill S.

  • "When we met on Santa Monica pier I thought you were just a tourist with a camera, but the photos you got for the department were awesome...   ...It was great working with you man. Look me up when you're back in LA..."

    Lt. Earl Copeland

  • "The quality and attention to detail is evident in every one of the photos you took of our family. We will treasure them forever and our daughters are eager for you to take more portraits when they're back from university."

    Graham and Katrina Thomas

  • "...they made me cry when I saw them, they are perfect..."

    Carol K.

  • "...I've never been photographed 'professionally' before and I never thought I'd spend so much of the session laughing so hard...   ...The photos showed me so happy and I'm gob-smacked by the results. Thank you. I'll be back for another session when I'm a brunette again :)"

    Emily Peel

  • "...I was princess for a day and my new husband was my prince. Your photos are proof that fairytales can be real and we'll treasure them forever. Thank you."

    Mary P.